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There are many different types of whiskeys, each with its own unique flavor profile. Some are light and sweet, while others are rich and Smokey. However, all of the best whiskeys share one common trait: they must be smooth.

The quality of the grain determines a whiskey’s smoothness used to make it and the length of time it is aged.

The best whiskeys are made from high-quality grains and aged for several years in oak barrels. This process helps to mellow the whiskey, resulting in a smooth and complex flavor.

While there are many different whiskeys to choose from, the following five are some of the smoothest whiskeys on the market. So, the next time you’re in the mood for a drink, try one of these whiskeys below.

Smoothest Bourbon

Bourbon whiskey is a type of American whiskey made from a mash of at least 51% corn. Bourbon has a distinct flavor profile that is often described as being sweet, rich, and full-bodied. It is typically aged in oak barrels for a minimum of two years.

Angel’s Envy is an award-winning bourbon that is known for its smooth taste. The bourbon is made with a recipe that includes a special blend of wheat, corn, and rye. This combination gives the bourbon its unique flavor profile.

Angel’s Envy is aged in oak barrels for a minimum of four years. This lengthy aging process helps create a smooth, well-rounded flavor.

The bourbon is then bottled at cask strength, which means that it is not diluted with water before bottling. This allows the bourbon to retain its full flavor and body.

Angel’s Envy is a popular brand of whiskey that can be found at most major liquor retailers. The price for a bottle of Angel’s Envy ranges from $35-$45, depending on the retailer.

Angel’s Envy Tasting Notes

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Angel’s Envy is a bourbon that is distilled in Louisville, Kentucky. The bourbon is made from a mash bill of 72% corn, 18% rye, and 10% malted barley.

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It is aged for a minimum of 6 years in American white oak barrels that have been charred. The bourbon is then finished in Port wine casks for an additional 3-6 months.

The result is a bourbon with a unique flavor profile that is perfect for sipping neat or on the rocks.

According to Angel’s Envy website, you’ll detect notes of subtle vanilla, raisins, maple syrup, and toasted nuts on the nose. On the palate, you’ll taste vanilla, ripe fruit, maple syrup, toast, and bitter chocolate.

The finish is clean and lingering sweetness with a hint of Madeira that slowly fades.

Smoothest Irish Whiskey

Irish whiskey is world-renowned for its smooth, mellow flavor. Among the many brands of Irish whiskey,

Green Spot is widely considered to be the smoothest. This is due to a number of factors, including the use of pot stills and a higher proportion of barley in the mash.

The result is a whiskey that is unusually smooth and easy to drink. In addition, Green Spot is aged in a combination of sherry and bourbon casks, which lends it a unique flavor profile.

It is available in both Ireland and the United States and can be found at most major liquor retailers for around $50-$70.

While it is not the most expensive Irish whiskey on the market, it is still considered to be of high quality and is a popular choice among whiskey enthusiasts.

Green Spot Tasting Notes

It has a fresh and aromatic nose, with prominent notes of green apples, pears, and apricot. The body is spicy, with a moderate-length finish that brings out the pot still character.

This single-pot still Irish whiskey is aged for a minimum of seven years in a combination of ex-bourbon and ex-Sherry casks.

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The result is a well-rounded whiskey with a complex flavor profile that appeals to bourbon and Sherry lovers alike.

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Smoothest Scotch

Good Scotch whisky is smooth, with a complex flavor that lingers on the palate. Lagavulin 16-Year Old is widely considered to be one of the smoothest Scotch whiskies available.

It is made in Islay, an island off the coast of Scotland, and is known for its smoky flavor. The 16-year aging process allows the whisky to develop a deep, rich flavor while retaining its smoothness.

This makes it a popular choice for Scotch lovers who are looking for a whisky that is both flavorful and easy to drink.

The Lagavulin 16-year-old is widely available and can be found at most liquor stores. Depending on where you find it, the price can range from $70-$120.

Lagavulin 16-Year-Old Tasting Notes

The Lagavulin 16 Year Old is one of the most popular scotch whiskies on the market. And for a good reason – it’s incredibly smooth.

The nose is full of smoky Lapsang Souchong tea, with hints of iodine, sweet spices, and mature Sherry. The palate is thick and rich, with a massive mouthful of malt and Sherry.

There’s also a good bit of fruitiness, along with peat smoke and vanilla on the finish.

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Smoothest Rye

Rye whiskey is known for its spicy flavor, and Sagamore Spirit’s Signature Rye delivers on that front.

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Sagamore Spirit is a traditional Maryland-Style rye whiskey. The palate features candied dried orange peel with notes of clove and nutmeg.

There are also lingering hints of walnut and brown sugar to finish. The proof is 83 (41.5% ABV) and the age is 4 – 6 years.

However, what sets this rye apart from others is its smoothness. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a robust whiskey with plenty of character, but it’s not as harsh as some ryes can be. That makes it very easy to drink, whether you’re sipping it neat or using it in a cocktail.

At 90 proof, it’s also got a bit more kick than your average whiskey and it retails for under $50. So, if you’re looking for rye that packs a flavor punch but is still smooth and easy to drink, Sagamore Spirit’s Signature Rye is perfect.

Sagamore Spirit’s Signature Rye Tasting Notes

Master of Malt describes the tasting notes as a unique whiskey that is perfect for those who enjoy the taste of honeyed grains and creamy coffee.

The cinnamon gum and soft hint of peppery oak give the whiskey a distinct flavor, while the chewy dates and candied peels provide a pleasant sweetness.

The pistachio ice cream and nutmeg add an interesting depth of flavor, while the lasting vanilla and hint of drying cedar give the whiskey a smooth finish.

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Smoothest Barrel Proof

Barrel proof (or cask strength) is a type of whiskey that has been bottled straight from the barrel without being diluted with water. As a result, it is much higher in alcohol content than regular whiskeys.

It has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its bold flavor and high alcohol content.

Barrel-proof whiskeys are typically aged for a minimum of four years and often much longer. During this time, the whiskey interacts with the barrel’s wood, picking up flavors and color from the wood.

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The longer a whiskey is aged, the more pronounced these flavors will be. Barrel-proof bourbons are usually bottled at a higher proof than standard bourbons, which further enhances their bold flavor.

Due to their high alcohol content, barrel-proofs can be difficult to drink neat. Instead, many people prefer to enjoy them on the rocks or with a splash of water.

However you choose to drink it, barrel-proof bourbon is sure to offer a unique and enjoyable drinking experience.

There are many different brands of barrel-proof whiskey on the market, but few can match the smoothness of Barrell Batch 23. This whiskey is made using a special blend of Kentucky and Indiana corn, rye, and barley, and it is aged for four years in charred oak barrels.

The result is a rich, full-bodied whiskey with vanilla, caramel, and oak notes. Barrell Batch 23 is also non-chill filtered, which means that it retains more of the natural flavors of the whiskey.

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Barrell Batch 23 Tasting Notes

Barrell Batch 23 has been described as having notes of caramel, baked marshmallow, dark cherry, and candied peanuts.

When first poured, the caramel notes are most prominent, with a slight sweetness that is quickly balanced by the rich flavor of the dark cherry.

As you continue to drink, the marshmallow notes become more pronounced, providing a creamy texture that complements the other flavors.

The candied peanuts provide a crunchy contrast to the smoothness of the marshmallow, while the dark cherry gives the beer a slight bitterness that lingers on the tongue.

Smoothest Whiskeys – Final Thoughts

No matter your preferred whiskey style, make sure you always look for a smooth taste. This is an essential factor in determining whether or not a whiskey is worth buying.

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Fortunately, there are plenty of great whiskeys on the market that are both smooth and affordable.

So next time you’re out shopping for whiskey, keep this criterion in mind, and you’re sure to find something to your liking.


What is the smoothest whiskey to drink straight? ›

Smooth Whiskey To Drink Straight
  • Kessler Whiskey. 4.4 out of 5 stars. ...
  • Darby's Reserve Rye Whiskey. 3.8 out of 5 stars. ...
  • Jameson Irish Whiskey. 4.8 out of 5 stars. ...
  • Bernheim Original Wheat Whiskey. ...
  • Jim Beam Black Extra Aged Bourbon Whiskey. ...
  • Darby's Reserve Rye Whiskey. ...
  • Powers John's Lane Irish Whiskey. ...
  • Slow & Low Rock & Rye Whiskey.

What are the top 5 whiskeys in America? ›

American Whiskies
  • Westland Garryana 5th Edition / 2020 Release. ...
  • Rabbit Hole Boxergrail Straight Rye. ...
  • New Riff Single Barrel Proof Bourbon (51.35%) ...
  • Jeptha Creed Straight Four Grain Bourbon. ...
  • Eagle Rare 10 Year Old. ...
  • Michter's US*1 Original Sour Mash Whiskey / Gift Box. ...
  • FEW Bourbon. ...
  • Maker's Mark Cask Strength (55.05%)

What is the number 1 whiskey in the world? ›

The Glenmorangie Signet is considered the best whisky in the world, thanks to its use of high roast chocolate malt barley with a blend of Glenmorangie's rarest whiskies matured in bespoke casks.

Which whisky is easiest to drink? ›

Best Whiskey for Beginners
  • Buffalo Trace. This first whiskey is brewed in Kentucky and contains hints of vanilla, oak, and caramel. ...
  • Four Roses Bourbon. ...
  • Jack Daniels Black. ...
  • Tullamore Dew. ...
  • Suntory Toki. ...
  • Bulleit Bourbon. ...
  • The Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14-year-old. ...
  • Johnny Walker Red Scotch Whisky.
Nov 4, 2022

What whiskey is not harsh? ›

“Speyside in particular is a great starting point as the whiskies here are beautifully accessible with notes of fruits and fresh floral aromas. It's home to half of Scotland's distilleries and brands such as The Glenlivet, Aberlour, Strathisla, Chivas, Glenburgie and Ballantine's. Cask type is another option.

Which is the tastiest whiskey? ›

The World's Best Whiskey
  • Best Bourbon: Knob Creek 12 Year Old Bourbon.
  • Best Rye: Frey Ranch Straight Rye Whiskey.
  • Best Single Malt Scotch: The Glen Grant 15 Year Old.
  • Best Blended Scotch: Johnnie Walker 18 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky.
  • Best Irish Whiskey: Green Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey.
Jan 26, 2023

What is the #1 whiskey in the US? ›


Maker's Mark returns to the number one spot for the first time since 2019, beating Bulleit by the narrowest of margins.

What whiskey hits most? ›

Here is a list of the Top 10 whiskies with the highest alcohol content.
  1. Aberlour A'bunadh. ...
  2. Bruichladdich. ...
  3. Paul John's Single Malt Whisky. ...
  4. Crown Royal. ...
  5. Chivas Regal. ...
  6. Ballantine's Blend.
May 11, 2022

What are the top 10 brands of whiskey? ›

Top 10 Whiskey
  1. Angel's Envy Rum Cask Finished Rye Whiskey. ...
  2. Crown Royal Blenders' Mash. ...
  3. WhistlePig Whiskey Homestock. ...
  4. Jameson 18 Year Old Triple Distilled Irish Whiskey. ...
  5. Orphan Barrel Fable & Folly 14 Year Old Whiskey. ...
  6. Kaiyo Mizunara Oak Aged Cask Strength Whisky. ...
  7. Brenne Estate Cask French Single Malt Whisky.

Is Crown Royal whiskey good? ›

Generally speaking, Crown Royal is a Canadian whiskey that we strongly recommend to anyone out there who's looking for a smooth classic spirit. This whiskey is great for cocktails and may be used in all those cocktail recipes that don't specify a certain type of whiskey.

What whiskey is best without hangover? ›

Jameson Irish Whiskey

When it comes to the kind of whiskey for the least amount of hangovers, Irish whiskey is the way to go. This is because Irish whiskey is triple distilled.

What is a sipping whiskey? ›

Jun 27, 2022. “A small mouthful of a drink” is a sip in formal terms. To be considered a great sipping bourbon, the spirit must be something special on the palate, not just one note. It must be complex and resonate throughout the sip. The build-up from the smell, taste and lingering finish should complement each other.

What is smoother Scotch or bourbon? ›

Bourbon tends to have sweeter, more mellow characteristics, with vanilla, oak, caramel, grain, nutmeg, and cinnamon notes. Scotch has a sharp, distinct flavor that's more of an acquired taste than bourbon. You'll find that blended Scotch is smoother and maltier with a spicy finish.

How do you drink perfect whiskey? ›

The simplest way to enjoy your whisky is neat, cleansing your palate with cool water between sips. Some people also add a few drops of water to their whisky, which can open up the flavors as the liquids combine. Experiment to see what works for you, but go slowly. Don't add too much water at once.

What is a high priced whiskey? ›

Here is a quick recap of our most expensive whiskeys:

Dalmore 62 Single Highland Malt Scotch (Matheson 1942) The Macallan 1926 (Fine & Rare) Dalmore 64 Trinitas. Dalmore 62.

What is the hardest whiskey to drink? ›

Bruichladdich X4 Quadrupled Whiskey

184 (92% alcohol). Made in: ScotlandBased on the 17th-century method of quadruple distilling, Bruichladdich's X4 is billed as the most alcoholic single malt ever made.

Is Crown Royal smooth? ›

Rich and robust, delicately smooth and creamy with hints of oak and the sweet flavor of vanilla.

What whiskey does not burn your throat? ›

For example, finely aged or smooth whiskey will have a lower burning sensation, compared to hard liquors. But at the end of the day, most whiskey will burn your throat, regardless of the brand, alcohol content, or quality.

Why is scotch better than whiskey? ›

Whiskey tends to have a more mellow flavor. Scotch is famous for its more smokey finish, especially if the barley grains are dried by peat fire. Also, when sampling whiskey you may stumble upon a blended whiskey. Blended whiskey is a mix of high-quality spirit whiskeys with less expensive spirits.

What states drink the most whiskey? ›

Straight whiskey consumption in the United States in 2021, by state. In 2021, Kentucky had the highest per capita consumption of straight whiskey at over 293 9-liter cases per one thousand adults.

What is the most expensive whisky in USA? ›

1. Isabella's Islay Usd 6,200,000. A bottle of Isabella's Islay is the most expensive whiskey that money can buy. The price tag of more than 6 million dollars that comes with a bottle of this whiskey is because of the decanter that contains it.

Is Jack Daniels stronger than Crown Royal? ›

Crown Royal Blended Canadian Whisky retails for about $29 for a 750mL bottle at 80-proof, or 40 percent alcohol by volume. Jack Daniel's Black Label Tennessee Whiskey retails for about $24 for a 750mL bottle at 80-proof, or 40 percent ABV.

What grade of whiskey is Crown Royal? ›

Crown Royal, also known as Seagram's Crown Royal, is a blended Canadian whisky brand created by Seagram and owned by Diageo since 2000. Production of Crown Royal is done at Gimli, Manitoba, while the blending and bottling of the whisky are done in a facility in Amherstburg, Ontario.
Crown Royal.
TypeCanadian whisky
Proof (US)80
6 more rows

What is considered top shelf? ›

Let's start by breaking down the terminology. Top Shelf: Bottles on the highest shelves behind a bar. Though there's no hard rule as to cost, these tend to be bottles that would retail for $50 or more in a store. Mid Shelf: Bottles on the lower half of the shelf behind a bartender.

Which is smoother bourbon or Scotch? ›

Bourbon tends to have sweeter, more mellow characteristics, with vanilla, oak, caramel, grain, nutmeg, and cinnamon notes. Scotch has a sharp, distinct flavor that's more of an acquired taste than bourbon. You'll find that blended Scotch is smoother and maltier with a spicy finish.

What is smoother whiskey or bourbon? ›

Generally speaking, you'll find bourbon to be a smoother drink than whiskey. For those new to whiskey drinking, bourbon is a great place to start. Rye, barley, or wheat-based whiskey can be slightly harsher, whereas corn used to make bourbon helps to make it sweet.

What whiskey gives the least hangover? ›

Teeling Irish Whiskey

Thanks to its 46% ABV, it's less likely to cause a hangover than other whiskeys on the market.

What brand of bourbon is the smoothest? ›

The Smoothest Bourbon Brands
  • Maker's Mark 46.
  • Angel's Envy Kentucky Straight Bourbon.
  • Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon.
  • Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon.
  • Woodford Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Is Crown Royal a bourbon? ›

Specifically, Crown Royal is a Canadian whisky, and even though this technically uses a bourbon mashbill (64% corn, 31.5% rye, 4.5% malted barley), bourbon can only be made in America. Though the TTB originally approved the label, they reversed their decision and forced the brand to stop using the name 'Bourbon Mash'.

Why is rye whiskey so smooth? ›

Both rye and bourbon are aged in oak barrels, but bourbon is usually aged for at least six years. In contrast, rye is typically aged for less than that, which means that it has a smoother flavor.

Why is Scotch so smoother than bourbon? ›

Aging: Scotch matures in oak casks that have occasionally seen use before for wine or other spirits. Whiskey typically goes in charred white oak barrels for maturation. Flavor: Scotch tastes smoother than whiskey. This is a result of the way the distillery malts the grains.

Are there any whiskeys that don't burn? ›

Redbreast 12-Year-Old Irish Whiskey, $48

This particular Irish whiskey is aged in Oloroso sherry barrels, which imparts a rich, nutty flavor reminiscent of the holiday season. With no trace of most well whiskeys' harsh burn, it's great to sip on its own or in an Irish Coffee.

What whiskey type is the sweetest? ›

Bourbon has a caramel like sweetness and vanilla tones. Generally the sweetest of the whisk(e)y family.

What is the best alcohol to get drunk but not sick? ›

Vodka is known to be the best alcoholic beverage for the most minimal hangover. Gin, light rum and white wine are runner-ups—with brandy and whiskey being at the bottom of the list.

What alcohol is best to drink all day? ›

The (Definitive) #List of the 20 Greatest Day Drinks
  • Fernet & Coke. ...
  • (Tie) Mojito/Caipirinha. ...
  • Sangria. ...
  • Gin & Tonic. ...
  • Margarita. ...
  • Moscow Mule. ...
  • Aperol Spritz. ...
  • Pimm's Cup. For my money, the Pimm's Cup is the absolute best day-drinking cocktail.
May 15, 2015

What alcohol gives you the worst hangover? ›

The worst types of alcohol to prevent a hangover
  • Brandy (≤4,766 mg/L)
  • Whiskey (≤328 mg/L)
  • Fortified wine (≤329 mg/L)
Mar 15, 2022

Is Crown Royal a good sipping whiskey? ›

If you enjoy a smooth, sipping whisky with just the right amount of bite, Crown Royal delivers. Crown is an elegant Canadian whisky and it's readily apparent why Crown drinkers are such a devoted group.

Should you refrigerate whiskey? ›

Whiskey should be stored at a consistent temperature in order to preserve its flavor and freshness. The ideal storage temperature for whiskey is between 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit. Storing whiskey at a higher or lower temperature can cause the whiskey to evaporate and become less potent.


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